Gundam Fantasy

Book Ten


A joyous celebration had befallen the people within the palace in Sanq. The kingdom’s protectors, men told only of as legend in their kingdom’s past where now re-united once again to protect the lands from eternal darkness. Many praised the young men of the present, and the Empress for her swift action in searching for them. It was a time for smiles, for at least this day. By mid-afternoon Heero assembled the other four mages within the confine of the inside courtyard of the palace. He calmly had instructed them to call forth their Gundams. Touching the gems they wore as Heero had explained before, the Mages went through miraculous transformations as their wings emerged from their backs.

Once they where dismissed the collective of five mages quietly retired outside. In doing so they each called forth their God Protectors - Death Scythe, Heavy Arms, Sandrock and Shenlong. As they did the young men once again stood there in awe at the giants before them. Though they had seen them at the time of their ascensions, this time had been different. Not worrying on whether or not they would be accepted, each new mage say just how large and powerful these God Protectors truly had been. In the middle of staring in awe at these beings their attentions where swiftly pulled away as Heero cleared his throat.

“You will each need to learn to work with your God Protectors.” Heero told them with a serious calm to his voice. Making sure that all of them had been paying attention he then began explaining why both mage and the protector needed to react as one person.

Understanding and not questioning the importance of such a request the young men took flight to their respective protectors. Heero still on the ground looked up as the four Gundams took off to the sky and he let a smile escape his lips. Inwardly he knew that it would soon be time to reclaim his Gundam. So lost in preparation for that time, he barely noticed the movement just off to his side. When he had realized that he was no longer alone, Heero found Empress Relena standing beside him gazing up into the sky watching the others.

“They’re magnificent.” She spoke with a touch of awe in her voice; lightly reaching up she gently shielded her eyes from the sun before looking towards the blood mage‘s face. “When will you go after yours?”

Heero continued to look skyward not wishing to make direct eye contact with the ruler of the kingdoms as he answered, “Soon. Very soon.”

* * *

After a full day of training, the mages enjoyed a well-earned dinner and the thought of sleeping upon comfortable beds for the night. Though most of the mages found themselves fast asleep, Trowa found himself oddly enough to be wide-awake and unable to sleep. Carefully sitting up then quietly stepping from the bed he wandered into the adjacent room to change. He only did so in order to make sure he didn’t awaken his bedroom guest who snuck in hours ago. Pulling out his old clothes from a chest, he changed and slipped out of the bedroom and onto the Palace grounds like a wraith. The young man stood in the shadow of the castle wall, watching and listening to the night. He paused in his movements the moment he noticed the night watchmen were making their rounds about the palace grounds.

One guard passed Trowa by only a few feet and yet did not see him. Once he was sure that the guards were out of sight, the Water Mage concentrated and called forth his wings. Looking back over his shoulder, he could see Quatre still resting peacefully upon the bed. Watching the angelic figure resting so caused Trowa smiled before he flew off into the night sky.

The night was quiet, peaceful and that’s what mattered to Trowa as he continued to test the strength of his new wings. Far below he could see the torches that burnt brightly on the streets of many villages and small townships that he was now sworn to protect. Though within his own heart he felt disconnected from those people below. Here alone and away from others, the young man felt at ease almost at home. When unable to rest, Trowa would sneak out of the Palace and spend a few hours alone. Though always waiting for him patiently to return would be Quatre. Ever so worried about everything he did, but never asking too many questions as to his location. Though Trowa was capable of protecting himself, the smaller Wind Mage had taken it upon himself to look after him. To Water Mage it had been Quatre that he found himself being able to trust in. The first person he could rely upon since his master in such a long time.

Trowa shook his head from those thoughts and landed by the stream’s side to take in a drink of water. The water was fresh and cool to the taste, quenching the man’s animal like thirst. As he bent forward for a second swallow, he froze like anyone would when something was nearby. He sensed that he was not alone at the water’s edge and any sudden action on his part could be dangerous. Slowly he brought his hands down away from his mouth and looked around without moving his head. He was being watched but wasn’t sure from where. Then he saw movement in the dim moonlight, slender forms with glowing eyes that peered at him with tactical hunters poise. Trowa waited and watched as a pack of wolves slowly approached the water’s edge from a small grove of trees. The leader kept its head low and eyes focused on the stranger that would dare cross the pack’s territory.

I mean no harm. I only wish to have a drink. Trowa silently communicated not wishing to frighten them. He knew the wolves where only trying to protect their own and he vowed never to harm an animal.

The wolf raised its head in surprise and brought its ears forward in response with curiosity. Human, are you?


And you speak our language. The pack leader narrowed its eyes and spied Trowa carefully, paying close attention to the wings on the man’s back.


And you have wings.

Not by my choice. I am paired with a God Protector.

Then you have been chosen to protect our world.


The winds speak of an evil that comes before dawn.

The Demons?

The wolf slowly bowed his head into a nod. They strike this night. You must stop them. The beautiful beasts words made Trowa feel his stomach knot with dread.


A fishing village not far from this stream is where you should look.

Trowa stood tall as if trying to see the village from his location, his wings opened to their fullest. Thank you for this disturbing news. I will take care of it.

We then, wish you luck...

* * *

Taking to the air, Trowa went in search of the fishing village the wolf pack told him of. It wasn’t long before the Water Mage found it. Anyone would have noticed it from his vantage point. Before his forest green eyes the vision of the village was seen within billowing smoke and raging fires. Even with the rage of the flames below, faint voices of panic where able to reach Trowa’s keen ears. And then he saw then, the hulking figures that slowly worked their way through the fishing community, hidden at first by the thick black clouds of smoke.

The Mage’s breath caught in his throat as he witnessed the senseless violence, created by these monsters. They walked like man and had no face to show emotion, their bodies creaked with every thudding step they took. True monsters of a putrid green and black continued their assault upon the defenseless. The water mage eyes went dull from the horror he witnessed, his mind returned to the last village he went to by request of the people’s need for aid. He remembered the look of horror upon their dead faces, the cries of the orphaned children that cried for lost family and faithful pets. His body shuddered and the screams finally snapped him back to the present. Pushing aside his ever-growing anxiety his wolf like eyes narrowed with anger. And though he held much dislike for those who would harm natures children, he headed toward the massacre before him, for humans to where also children of this world.

Folding his wings back a bit, he dove in close to the first creature he saw. The monster stood maybe 50 feet in height. And upon closer inspection he noticed that its body appeared to be made out of metal. The familiarity of this being before him, struck the mage as he realized just how similar to those of the God Protectors these monsters had been. But there was one difference between the Protectors and these creatures, for they radiated a most foul evil.

Concentrating his thoughts and feelings, Trowa’s hand glowed an intense blue, seconds before releasing a wave of water and ice toward his target. His attack came as a surprise, pushing the monster back and into another, toppling them over in a domino fashion. The mage turned and rose higher into the air. His lungs burned as he breathed in the smoke that continued to fill the air. But he pushed past that feeling seeing as how he was able to deliver a powerful blow to these monsters.

Though filled with an excited sensation of his temporary victory, his good feelings where cut short by the sounds that reached his ears. Beneath him, people continued to scream and run like frightened rabbits as the creatures began to rise again. Trying to escape the horror the descended on their village like locusts it would seem that escape was almost impossible.

* * *

Quatre tossed uneasy in bed as he kicked the light sheet off of him. Something is wrong. His subconscious told him so; it raised within him a sense of knowing and of fear. Trowa… what is it? What has happened to you? The restlessness pushed on as he lightly began to break in sweat. The man rolled onto his side instinctively reaching for Trowa’s warmth only to discover he was alone in bed.

The young man sat up quickly and looked around the room in a panic, softly calling out the water mages name. When there was no answer, he tried again as he carefully rose from the bed this time only louder. The moment he reached the front room, Quatre knew the feelings he felt were from Trowa himself. Somewhere he was in danger and far from the safety of Quatre’s watchful eye.

But where are you? Quatre thought as he quickly dressed into the clothes he left in the other room for this sort of occasion. He had to let the others know as soon as he could, and as he felt more of Trowa’s pain he knew it had to be now.

* * *

Trowa slowly got up from where he rolled out of the way to protect a small child from the monsters attack. Quickly hurrying the child along to rejoin her parents and fleeing villagers, he took to the air to fight the Demon, but mostly to draw its attention from the scrambling villagers that ran for cover. Trowa’s hands continued to glow an intense shade of blue as the vision of this creature continued to enrage him.

One of the Demons fired an attack, its hands glowing red, hitting the building directly beneath Trowa, and shattering it as if it had been fragile glass. Taken off guard by the force from the punch the young man was unable to pull away thus being caught within the blast of debris. The Water Mage cursed himself not expecting such an attack. The wood and mortar pummeled him, carrying him away with the explosion.

Trowa shook his head and he slowly sat up feeling his entire body howl at him in pain. His back ached and he rubbed the side of his head where a piece of mortar had hit him. His wings were spread wide as he tried to stand as if helping the slightly dizzy mage balance himself.

“You shouldn’t try to move.” Trowa heard a woman‘s voice say to him. His eyes focused slowly trying to wash out the dizziness he still felt. In the light of the moon that hovered above them, a young woman stood over him. Her face hidden by heavy shadows that came formed from the hood of the cloak she wore.

“And you shouldn’t be here. You should be escaping with the others.” Trowa replied back, as he stood shakily with weak knees. He wobbled a bit like a newborn foal but worked on steadying himself as continued to push back the feeling of nausea.

“As should you!” The woman snapped back as she reached down and grabbed the man’s arm. In the darkness, she did not realize that he had wings. As she pulled him up to help remove him from the dangerous area, his wings opened wide behind him, startling her, “Wha-what are you?”

“A Protector of this Kingdom.” Trowa said softly trying to calm, as he drew his hand across his forehead, brushing aside the blood that fell into his eye. “Now get out of here! I will not tell you again girl!” Trowa ordered as he gently pushed the woman aside and took to the air.

One of the Demon Dolls noticed the mage take flight and took a swipe at the winged mage barely missing him with its clawed hand. Trowa looked back quickly to see the cloaked woman running from the battlefield and was thankful she was able to escape. Turning his attention back towards the demons he narrowed his eyes and focused on what he would do next.

Trowa slapped his hand to his chest as if muttering a quick prayer. That same hand reached over to touch the green gem around his upper right arm. “Heavy Arms come forth and protect this land!” He yelled to be sure his voice would have been heard over the noise of the demon dolls attacks. The red and white figure of the Heavy Arms God Protector materialized before Trowa in a bright flash of light, which flooded over the village for a brief second.

When the light faded away, Trowa found himself within the chest cavity of the God Protector. He felt oddly at home within the large figure as though he had always been one with it. Now sitting within the God Protector, the young water mage felt as though Heavy Arms was an extension of himself. Images flashed about him as he looked around trying to see where his opponents were. It realized that as he turned to look Heavy arms did and in doing so he could see where his enemies had been standing.

Another image flashed quickly in front of him as two of the hulking demons rushed forward to dispatch this new intruder on their acts of destruction. ‘I guess this is where all my training finally comes in…’ Trowa thought to himself as he prepared to meet his attackers head on.

* * *

“Quatre… calm yourself.” Heero advised calmly trying to understand the frantic words of the upset Wind Mage, “Trowa will be fine.”

“No, something is wrong. He’s hurt. I can feel it. We have to look for him!”

“What’s all the yelling about?” Duo yawned as he staggered from his room. His hair was loosely bound and the fire that burned brightly at the end of his tangled mass, lit up the hall. He wore loose fitting pants that where barely staying up at his hips and no shirt as he slowly shuffled his way towards pair. “It’s too early for whatever it is.”

“Trowa’s missing.” Heero responded as he continued trying to calm Quatre.

“Missing?” Wufei’s cut in from behind having now only arrived at the source of the disturbance.

“He’s gone!” Quatre exclaimed suddenly, grabbing onto Heero’s arms tightly becoming even more frantic then before. “I can’t sense him anymore!”

Heero clenched his jaw tight then looked back at the others, “Get ready as quickly as you can… we need to go find the water mage as soon as possible.”

Hearing the alarm in Quatre’s voice, Duo simply nodded and hurried to go get dressed. Wufei didn’t hesitate either as he ran back towards his room. Wherever the Water Mage had found himself, they knew that they had to find him quickly for Quatre’s peace of mind.

* * *

It was just after dawn when Zechs staggered into the Great Hall of his Lord. His left hand holding his right side tightly as if doing so would make his own footsteps more bearable to take. His mind replayed the events that transpired earlier that night. The unexpected fight with the sudden appearance of a God Protector was unforeseen. It was much more powerful than he had thought; his first mistake of that night was underestimating its strength. Because of that grave error, his Demon Doll was brutally destroyed nearly taking his life along with it.

Treize stood abruptly from his work as his young charge approached him looking quite haggard. His eyes slightly widen with worry over how his son would come to him this damaged. Though that small flicker of worry faded from his face as he regained composure over himself and spoke.

“Zechs, what has happened?”

“I did as you asked, but there was another waiting for me there.” He answered after a quick and painful bow towards his lord, his voice quite tight as if to hide how much pain he actually had felt. “I can only guess it was one of the Empress’ God Protectors. It was incredibly strong and destroyed our Demon Dolls like a heated knife through butter.” Zechs looked away from Treize ashamed at his own failures, “I have failed you, My Lord. I except what ever punishments you might have for me…”

The older demon’s eyes narrowed hearing the name of the beings that nearly took his charges life. Calmly stepping down from the platform of his seat he made his way toward his charge. It wasn’t until the demon nearly towered over the young man, that Treize noticed Zechs composer. “My Son, it is alright, you did not fail Me.” he spoke then carefully cupped his hand under the younger man’s chin to force the blonde man to look upon him. Raising his free hand he summoned his servants to his side to take his son back to his chambers and turned to return to his throne.

The look in the demons eyes grew dark as if he thought back to a time long ago. One that he remembered very clearly for it was the day that would change the fate of all human kind. The presence of the God protectors troubled him but only slightly. This slight change in plans was nothing compared to what his true intentions had been. And he remembered that night as if it had happened merely moments ago.


“Treize, what is that suppose to be?”

“Why Mistress Une our son. Don’t you recognize him?” Treize smirked at the woman who lay across his throne with such cat like grace.

Une looked at Treize mildly peeved then turned her attention to the platinum haired toddler behind him. Her slender eyes narrowed even tighter as she studied the features of the child. Her eyes lit up with a slight excitement as she realized where she had seen eyes like those before.

“Is that… it can’t be! 'Princess Relena Peacecraft's descendant, Milliardo'.” Mistress Une smiled back at her companion with a look of interest upon her features. If they had the princess‘s descendant, her dark heart raced to hear what delightfully evil ambitions her lover had formed. “My love, what do you hope to gain from this?”

“A kingdom, my darling. A kingdom.”


Milliardo’s eyelids fluttered open and found himself looking up at the ceiling of his room. He let out an exhausted sigh and closed his eyes once more as if to regain strength from more rest. Though he did not understand why he felt so tired, he could feel his need to rise. Sitting up slowly in bed, he brought his hands up to either side of his head once the throbbing began. It ached as though he had been on one of his and Duo’s infamous drinking games… and he was the one who lost. The young man closed his eyes and tried to remember what he had done to put himself in such as a state of misery.


“Why can’t I remember?” He said softly to himself, as he ran his fingers through his long hair platinum tinted hair. His ice-blue eyes narrowed slightly to shield out the light and groaned to the empty room, “No more drinking games with Duo.” As he spoke his declaration something in the back of his own mind told him that this wouldn’t last long. He allowed his body to sink back into the pillows behind him as he thought of his situation.

Hearing a gentle creaking sound, the young man looked over as the bedroom door opened slowly and a young, petite woman with short dark hair quietly made her way inside. A blanket was draped over her arm as if she had entered with the sole purpose of seeing to his comfort and the cleaning of the room. Unaware that the young Lord was awake, she went about her duties after carefully draped the blanket over one of the chairs. He watched in silence as she cleaned and straighten up the room. After a few moments, Milliardo spoke up.

“Hello Noin.” He addressed her still sounding somewhat groggy and in pain

“My Lord, I did not expect you to be here.” The woman said with a hint of surprise and deep concern in her voice. She turned towards him and bowed before going over to his side to see what she could do to make him feel better.

* * *

A few days later from the attack on the last village, and after much needed rest Trowa found that day to be a visitor at the Palace for him. Much to his surprise it was the young woman who he had met at the fishing village. Though the Mage at the time had encountered the Demon Dolls and defeated them with some difficulty, he still remembered the young woman that tried to help him. Catherine was brought out to the Empress’ private garden where the Mages were quietly talking.

Trowa in his own way, politely introduced her to the others and invited her to sit with them. She did after delicately bowing towards the other protectors of the Kingdom and felt a slight bit more relaxed as they welcomed her.

As the two spoke of the events in the village, a wolf appeared behind Trowa, though it remained some 30 feet away. Catherine glanced up and spied the animal before the rest of the mages that remained seated. Before anyone knew what happened or could re-act to it, she launched a single knife at the creature with great accuracy. What seemed more amazing to the rest of the mages was the quickness that Trowa showed when he caught the hurled projectile as it passed him. With out missing a single beat, he flung it back toward the young woman, who also caught it just as easy.

All this was done in the blink of an eye. It bewildered Duo who couldn’t possibly keep up with the actions between the two. As for Quatre he could feel the movements in the air with his magics though had not reacted fast enough to actually witness the transaction. Wufei and Heero, had been able to follow her movements and Trowa’s but re-acted a bit slower then expected.

“What is the meaning of this?” Catherine questioned in a slight panic, as she readied the knife once again to attack the wolf that calmly watched them from afar.

“I will not let you harm my brothers.” Trowa’s eyes suddenly became quite serious as he barely made any action to move. His eyes becoming more wolf-like as he stared at Catherine seeing that she wouldn‘t back down from her actions.

Quatre could feel the emotions as they emitted from the Water Mage and shivered slightly. “Oh dear.” Trowa, please don’t do this.

“If it wasn’t for this wolf and his pack, you’re village would have been completely destroyed!” He yelled, taking a defensive stance towards the young woman who had tried to help him.

“They are disgusting animals!” she snapped in retort towards the Water mage.

“They have done nothing to you.”

“That is where you are wrong!” She snapped once again taking offence by his words. “Wolves like those…” she paused and slightly shook in anger before speaking again, “They killed my brother!”

“What?” Wufei spoke surprised by her words. He for one could not see wolves or any being of nature attacking humans without some just cause.

“Really?” Added Duo far too curiously for his own good.

Heero said nothing and continued to watch the show down between the Water Mage and the young woman. He knew little of the Water Mages past other then the small bits of information Quatre was able to tell him when asked. The Wind Mage often replied that it wasn’t his place to speak about Trowa’s past. Heero understood this and for the time being left well enough alone. But now it would seem that could possibly change.

It’s too much of a coincidence. Thought Quatre as he looked between the two.

“When I was a child, my parents told me that wolves attacked and killed my little brother Triton.” She spoke with a deep sadness over the loss of her brother, “They never found his body.”

Quatre looked closely at Trowa, for some sort of reaction. What Catherine was saying sounded all too familiar to him. Trowa’s mother had left him to die in the forest, but it was wolves that had saved him. Could these two people actually be related? But before he could voice his own thoughts it was Duo’s voice interrupted that Quatre’s thoughts.

“You two sure you’re not related?” Duo joked, breaking the tension between the feuding pair. Those around him ignored his comment even if certain individuals took the matter to heart.

“Trowa,” was all Heero needed to say as he signaled with a tilt of his head, for the Water Mage to leave and take the wolf with him. Cursing beneath his breath at the disruption, Trowa signaled to the wolf and the pair disappeared back into the forest.

“Where are you going?!” Catherine called out after the lanky man as she noticed he was leaving.

“My Lady, please come with me.” Quatre said quickly, catching the young woman’s arm before she could chase after Trowa.

“Release me!” The young woman ordered, as she slipped free of Quatre’s grasp. “I am not done talking to him!” Catherine’s eyes flashed with anger and took on a similar look that Quatre had seen before in Trowa’s eyes.

“Yes, you are.” Grabbing the arm again, the gentle Wind Mage forcibly pulled her in the opposite direction. “And you will come with me.”

Caught in the middle of some strange reaction, Heero and Wufei followed after Trowa, while Duo kept safe distance from the arguing Catherine and Quatre.

Using her free hand Catherine dealt Quatre a strong slap to the face, snapping his head sharply to one side. Duo cringed at the sound flesh meeting flesh and still remained at a safe distance seeing that Quatre had things under control.

“I will forgive you just once for that, for his sake.” Duo heard his friend say as he continued to pull the struggling young woman back toward the palace. Glancing back, toward the other three Mages, Duo watched as Heero and Wufei attempted to calm Trowa down.

“What is with all of you? You Mages are all crazy!” Catherine continued fighting Quatre, trying to pull free but the delicate looking Mage held fast. Stopping his target, the empress’s Wind Mage swung Catherine around and plopped her down on a marble bench.

“Now you just sit there and listen to me!” Quatre’s voice took on a serious tone. “His life has been just as hard as yours. And if you had given him half the chance to explain himself about those animals, you might come to see, that he may just be that little brother you thought dead.” Quatre seemed to growl uncharacteristically at the young woman. The Wind Mage’s soft blue eyes grew quite intense as he looked down at the startled woman. He had caught her off guard with his words. Duo too.

“Quatre…” Duo started to say still trying to grasp the situation fully, “…What are you saying?”

Not turning around to look at Duo and only keeping his eyes on the young woman, Quatre continued to speak. “I’m saying, in the short time I’ve known Trowa, I know everything about his short and miserable life up until now.” Duo came around and sat down beside Catherine listening closely and also to make sure she didn‘t run. Quatre looked as though he might break down and cry. The Fire Mage noticed how his friend’s hands were shaking and took this matter with more seriousness. “Your story of how you lost your little brother sounds too familiar for me not to say anything.”

“What are you talking about?” Catherine was becoming the evermore impatient as if the Wind Mages words had no effect on her. Her eyes where still blind to this as she was dead set on terminating those wolves.

“I’m saying that what he told me about when he was two, his mother left him to die in the woods… tied him to a tree… and left him alone…”

Duo hadn’t known this of the Water Mage and cautiously looked over. He felt horrible somehow for knowing this and inwardly wondered what he could do to help his friend.

Quatre was breathing hard now out of frustration towards the young woman. He was working himself up and he needed to calm down before he lashed out to hurt her. “I care for him very much and I will not let you or anyone else hurt him the way he has been in life.”

“So you’re saying, he is my brother Triton?”

“I can’t be sure.” Quatre finally said more calmly seeing that she was listening somewhat. “But there are coincidences that should be looked into.”

Catherine stood up and moved away from the mages, “I… need time to think about this… but… he can‘t be my brother… my brother is dead…”


The Empress buried her face in her arms leaning forward to rest on her ornate desktop. Her shoulders shook with the effort to control the bitter tears that now flowed freely down her face. The passing days weight heavily upon her soul and her memories. She wished she could forget it all and pray for her people to be at peace once again. Tears slid down the sides of her face and collected on a small stain that now appeared on her paperwork.

Over the last week fourteen towns had now been attacked, and less than a handful of people had survived from all of them. The tears came harder as she thought of the few refuges that had been brought back to the castle. Each group more ragged and filled with their own personal despair as they entered her home. Her mind went back to the incident with the wounded child that had been crying piteously for his mother not realizing that the hand he had refused to let go of was no longer attached to her. Relena had taken the time to cradled the child in her arms until he slipped into a sleep that he never woke from. It nearly broke her heart to hold the dead child in her arms that day.

Heero stepped silently from the shadowed area of her balcony and moved toward the distraught regent. All he was able to do those past few days was watch her from a distance as the cared for others and not her own well being. Now she wasn’t surrounded by advisors and other high courted officials. “My Lady… you are unwell…” His voice was barely more than a whisper as he carefully came close, but Relena still jumped up turning towards the sound of his voice, eyes wide with surprise.

“How did you get in here!?,” she hastily demanded trying to dash the unrelenting tears from her eyes. She vowed never to let anyone see her in such a state after the second group of villagers came to her home. As Empress she needed to be a pillar of strength for them and help guide them through these dark times. Her attempts failed since inwardly she was glad for his company and felt relieved that it was him. Her voice cracked as she spoke and her body slightly trembled as she continued to speak, “What are you doing in my private quarters… I said I wanted to be alone…”

Heero’s eyes never wavered from hers as he watched them fill and overflow with moisture again. Quickly her hand came to her face to brush the water away once more, though all of this was in vain as the water continued to form. The young Empress struggled against the tears as if trying to stop something more from escaping. Her face flush from being upset that she hadn’t noticed the extra hand that reached up to help dry her tears.

“You needed me. I heard you calling, so I came.” he spoke calmly not wanting to upset her anymore then she already was. Calmly he helped her dry her tears even though her hands tried to brush his aside.

Frustrated with herself for not regaining her composure in front of him, Relena stood up sharply and turned away from her silent protector. “I did not call you… and… and I don’t need anyone!” Even if it did sound immature for her, it was all she could muster in her flustered state of mind. The stress over the last few days had really strained herself as she pushed harder with each appearance to her people that she made.

Before she had time to even think of a reaction Relena found herself enfolded in Heero’s strong arms. His voice came inches from her ear and felt soothing to her weary spirit. “Even I know that to be untrue… no one can exist alone. Not even me.”

The normally strong Empress broke down in the Mage’s arms and turned in his hold to cling to him tightly sobs wracking her slender form. She cried for the pain of loss and confusion she felt. The young woman cried more then she had earlier because she could not cry in front of them it would show her weakness. Something as Empress she could not afford to allow the people in her charge to witness.

Heero held the Empress close, remaining a silent pillar of strength for her support. Lightly he closed his eyes and remembered doing so for his Princess. He knew this wasn’t her, she could never be his princess, but in the memory of his beloved he would comfort her descendant in the same way.

“Do, do you know… “ She choked out as the memories washed over her like the relentless tears that stained her cheeks.


Outside of the Empress’s office chambers another small group of battered villagers awaited her presence. They where not more than 15 in total, stood in the Empress’ great hall where they had been brought to by the palace guards not too long ago. Hushed whispers and muffled sobs echoed loudly from the gathered as they tried to understand what was happening in this once peaceful Kingdom. They where tired from their journey and hoped for shelter and rest. Some where already being attended to by the palace doctors, who bandaged anyone that was wounded.


Eventually a heavy rapping came upon the Empress‘ study door that caused the Blood Mage to look up in slight annoyance. “Empress! Empress Relena! You are expected. Are you all right?” The attendant asked, still hearing the sounds of crying coming from behind the sturdy oak door.

Slowly the young attendant reached out to open the door, when un-expectantly it swung open in a blur and the Blood Mage silently stood before the startled man. His eyes sharp as if wondering if this appearance was that important that the Empress had to be disturbed right away.

“Empress? My Lord, I didn’t… “ The attendant suddenly found himself at a loss for words under the cold hard stare of the young man before him. The young man stammered as anyone would under such a gaze and could not speak anymore and he slowly pointed towards the direction of the audience chamber.

“Her Ladyship will be down shortly.” Heero’s deadpan express and cold steel eyes took continued to take the man by surprise. Just past Heero stood Relena composing herself with her back turned towards the door. She brushed away the last of her tears and told herself softly that now was not the time for tears no matter how much she really wanted to cry.

“I understand.” The man said, bowing quickly and disappeared down the hall to pass the message onto the others.

“My Lady, we must go.” Heero told her softly, holding his hand out to her . “Your subjects await you.”

Relena nodded her head and the sad young woman, who moments ago wept out of cared for her people, suddenly grew strong and focused once again. Renewed in her duty to protect the people of her kingdom she felt ready to face them once more. With tears gone and her face returned to it‘s normal skin tone, she approached the young taking his extended hand. “Thank you… for being here when I didn’t realize that I needed it…” she confessed before he reached to open the door.

“It was an honor to assist you, M’lady…”