Gundam Fantasy

Chapter Five

As instructed Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei positioned themselves at three points around the Altar. Duo stood next to the Altar itself. He looked it over and found it covered in layers of dust. In the center of the Altar was a burial urn decorated with archaic runes and markings. This was the urn that held the remains of Heero Yuy, who some 150 years earlier defeated an invading army by himself. Thus saving the Kingdoms and causing them to form the alliance and peaceful ways they held dear to them today. The mages looked down and felt some regret in having to do this but knew there was no other choice. The Kingdoms needed all five mages and this was the only way to ensure that would happen.

Quatre carefully kneeled at the top of the triangle as instructed by the Priest J. Calming his mind, he listened to the steady flow of breath that escaped and was recaptured through his lips. Words rolled off his tongue with no previous thought as to what they were. In this way did his spell begin in the revival of the fallen Mage.

From the dustless plains of emptiness...
I call forth a breeze...
As gentle as the Dawn's kiss...

He whispered the incantation beneath his breath, repeating it over and over. The powers he commanded slowly grew around him. An invisible force touched him and suddenly came to life. A low moan echoed throughout the Shrine as if the very earth was drawing breath. Quatre's clothing slowly began to billow around him as an unnatural wind swirled around him, threatening to lift the young man from the floor. Touching his left hand to his chest and holding his right hand in front of him. With his eyes closed he continued his incantation. He raised his right hand toward the Heavens and directed all his energies skyward.

Trowa stood rigid as he watched Quatre call up the power of Wind. It was his turn now. Closing his eyes, he held his arms out from his sides, his palms raised to the Heavens. He voice was soft and trembled slightly as the incantation flowed from his lips, mixing with Quatre's voice.

Across the sea of knowledge…
Where all thoughts dwell…
I call upon the stream…
As soft as a child's laughter…

The water basins in the Shrine began to gurgle, bubble and rise, overflowing and spilling to the floor. He fought to keep his thoughts from turning too serious, and remembered what Quatre had told him. If the spell were cast wrong, the water would freeze and destroy the four-part spell. The five basins suddenly turned into roaring geysers reaching toward the roof of the Shrine. The wind, which raged and raced around the domed ceiling, welcomed the water that reached for it. The two elements merged, becoming one with each other.

Wufei moved into place for he was next. Following the example of the other two young Mages, the lightning mage called upon Nataku to his side. She was his inner power. His very lifeblood into the element he controlled. Bringing his hands together to his chest in prayer style he added his voice to Quatre and Trowa's. He spoke the incantation quickly, gradually raising his voice above the other two.

From the mountains of emotion…
Where love and hate walk, hand in hand…
I call down the spark…
With the strength of a lion's roar…

The air around Wufei began to crackle with the power of Lightening. With eyes closed he called upon Nataku once more to make her presence felt by all in the room. The apparition of a dragon began to wrap itself around Wufei's body. He focused the power and directed Nataku to the center of the ceiling directly above the Altar. Nataku reached out with clawed hands and pulled the wind and water to itself. There was the sound of a thunderclap within the Shrine as wind, water, and lightening fought for dominance over the others. The Living Storm had been achieved.

Outside the triangle of Mages, Priest J watched with keen interest as the three elements became one. If the incantations worked, Heero Yuy's body would return from the grave. Then all that would be left would be to breathe the fire of life back into his body. The very thought of the success of this spell caused the old priest's lips to curl into a smile.

Quatre's voice continued to grow stronger as it was now his moment to speak the remaining incantation that completed the fourth part of the Living Storm spell.

From the mists of all eternity…
Where all souls reside…
I call upon the Tempest…
Let the Spirit Gale arise!

As if they had been of one collective whole, the three Mages opened their eyes and directed their combined energies back down toward the Altar. With an incredible burst of power, the Living Storm crashed down upon the burial urn forcing access to the contents inside. Duo threw his arms up to protect himself as the urn shattered and exploded in front of him. He watched as the elements fought over the remains of the once legendary hero. The urn had held no more than a hand full of the dust and a few shreds of burial wrappings. Now the Living Storm fought for every grain of it. Duo turned away from the Altar and glanced around the room quickly. Priest J was pressed back against the Shrine wall by the force of the Living Storm. Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei remained still and focused all their attention on keeping the Living Storm under control. Their voices grew stronger and louder. Duo returned his attention back toward the Altar knowing that he was to perform his part soon enough.

Slowly forming within the Storm was a shape of the young man. The man's body was tossed about on the currents of the incantation. Duo could only catch glimpses of the man's face the storm turned him about swiftly. Without warning the Living Storm suddenly stopped as if frozen in time. The room was left in a haunting silence. Suspended above the Altar was a body completely nude, save for cloth wrappings that curled and twisted around the lifeless arms as if they had been living entities.

This was Heero Yuy.

As if on its own power the body gently lowered itself back onto the cold marble surface of the Altar. There was a sudden flash of immense energy and the Living Storm vanished, bathing the Shrine in white light.

Duo gave himself a moment to recover from the brightness of the light that filled the room. Preparing himself, he picked up the cloak that Priest J as handed to him earlier. He opened it up and covered the still body. It was bad enough that the incantation Duo was to cast required him to kiss a man. But what bothered him most was that the man he had to kiss was already 150 years dead and buried. While he understood his part of the spell was crucial to the ritual, he didn't understand why it had to be him who completed the less than appealing task. He was certain that Quatre or even Wufei would have had less argument against Priest J and therefore would have made the entire ordeal less of a struggle. Duo sighed in resignation, knowing that now was not the time for his protests. He had even failed in his attempts to run away before this moment had arrived. Trapped into completing this important task the young man inhaled slowly lightly parting his lips.

The tip of Duo's braided hair flared a bit brighter as it began to swayed back and forth in time to the tone of his voice as he began the first part of his incantation spell. He closed his eyes and brought both of his hands to his chest, covering his heart. The other Mages in the room now silent watched as the Fire Mage's hands suddenly burst into living flame.

From the depths of my soul...
Through layers of love, hate, joy, and sadness...
I call forth the Flame of Life....

There was seriousness to Duo's voice now that the others hadn't heard before. As Duo reached out for Heero's body, the bandages on Heero's arms writhed as Duo's flame licked across them. Without warning, one of the wrappings began to twine itself around Duo's right arm. The Fire Mage jerked back involuntarily, trying to free the trapped arm, when the living cloth touched him, but the bandage wrapped itself around his arm and shoulder in an iron-grip.

Duo's intense violet eyes opened as he continued the spell. It was too late to turn back now. If he were to stop now, the consequences could be disastrous for all in the room. Disturbed by the living wrappings that wound around him, he placed his right hand on Heero's cold, dead chest. For the spirit to return, it would need a warm vessel.

My beating heart in your still chest...

His left hand slid underneath the back of the dead warrior's head and neck, forcing the throat to open up its airway. Still chanting, Duo kept the fire moving up and down the prone body, warming it but leaving no marks. He was careful not to set the cloak on fire.

This was it, the final part of the incantation. Duo bit his lower lip hard enough to make it bleed, for blood was required for the final part of the spell to work.

My rushing blood in your empty veins...
My whispering breath on your cold lips...

Removing his hand from Heero's chest, Duo moved it to Heero's face. Supporting the neck with one hand, he opened Heero's mouth by gently pulling back his chin with the other. Duo looked into the still face below him. His features were quite sharp. He must have been an attractive man in his time.

From my soul to yours...
I freely give my life's eternal flame...

Leaning forward Duo placed his lips to Heero's. The spell was working. Heero's lips were warm and soft beneath Duo's kiss. Duo felt his power increase as it passed from within himself to Heero. He held the kiss for a minute, letting it linger between them. Suddenly the bandages leapt up releasing Duo's arm and began to wrap themselves quickly around Duo's throat, shoulders and torso holding him tight. The others gasped and watched in horror, knowing that there was nothing they could do for the Fire Mage.

They watched him struggle to free himself from the bandages that threatened to consume him. Duo could feel their magic pull at his vital essence, draining him beyond endurable levels. As his consciousness began to waver, the wrappings finally released the Fire Mage and Duo pushed himself away from the Altar and the now living Heero Yuy.

Duo staggered back from the Altar as the last of his strength passed to Heero. He caught himself, barely, and kept from falling over. The incantation was much more powerful then the priest had let him on to believe. The other three Mages came to Duo's aid, helping him to stand a little straighter.

"Are you alright Duo?" Quatre asked, quickly looking over Duo for any signs of injury.

"What the Hell was all that about?!" Duo exclaimed weakly, throwing a sideward glance toward Priest J. "Damn priest said nothing about living, wiggling, bandage thingies…"

"He sounds fine to me." Wufei said to Quatre, growing weary of Duo's never ending banter.

"What happened?" Trowa asked calmly looking at the still babbling Fire Mage.

"Those… those wrappings…" Duo pointed accusingly towards the alter, "…they're evil. Evil! I tell you! They…." Duo suddenly stopped and stared at where he had pointed then whispered in shock. "Oh Gods… It worked."

The three remaining mages all looked at each other then back to the Altar. In that brief time, Heero had opened his eyes and sat on the edge of the Altar, pulling the cloak close around his body. He blinked slowly, taking in his surrounding area carefully as if trying to figure out where he could be. The only movement from him was from his eyes as they scanned the room slowly - as if searching for something. Heero then turned his attention to the four Mages before of him. His sharp blue eyes stared coldly at them each one could feel the chill from those very eyes and Quatre shivered.

No one said a word as Heero, slowly pushed himself off the Altar. But no sooner had his bare feet touched the cold marble floor, his legs gave out and he collapsed in a heap, laying still. Quatre hesitated for a moment but stepped forward cautiously toward the newly resurrected man. Kneeling beside him, Quatre gently gathered Heero in his arms and helped him to sit up. Quatre held his breath for all he felt from Heero was confusion and the sense of wanting/longing.

"It's all right." The others heard the Wind Mage say softly to the reborn man, "Don't try to move." Quatre brought up a hand and lightly caressed Heero's cheek as if to comfort him. The cloth wrapping reached up and tentatively touched the Wind Mage's hand then his arm as if trying to identify the new presence. Quatre held a hand out for the wrappings to examine curiously wanting to see what they would do. The living cloth snaked around the extended hand, wrapping itself lightly around Quatre's hand and lower arm. The Wind Mage watched with fascination as the bandages wrapped and unwrapped themselves.

"Where…?" The voice sounded harsh and disoriented.

"In your Shrine - you are Heero Yuy - protector of the Sanc Kingdom."

* * *

It was agreed soon after the newly reborn mage passed out once more that it was time he moved from his crypt and into a warm bed to recover. They waited for a short while making sure that the living bandages wouldn't reach out and grab them as they did Duo earlier. By using the cover of night for travel, the Mages stole back quietly into the Palace with the man known as Heero Yuy. They kept to the shadows only allowing those closest to the Empress to know of their return.

It was merely a few hours later since their arrival that the Palace, that the physicians had come and gone leaving Heero alone in his room. The dark haired man sat up in bed and looked about the room. He was redressed in a loose sleeping tunic and pants but was told to have much bed rest. As his dark eyes glanced around the room he turned towards the fire as it burned brightly, illuminating the cold room. Heero watched the flames warm light dance against the cold walls and his heart ached slightly with the feeling as if he had experienced such things before. Reaching up to touch at his face with his own hand, he tried to remember how things had come to be, bringing him back to such a familiar place.

His thoughts became broken when there came a soft knock to the bedroom chamber door. Heero watched as a young man popped his head into the room and curiously looked around to see if he had been awake. After a brief period, the reborn mage realized that it was the same young man who had spoken to him in the Shrine.

"You're still awake." The young man spoke gently while smiling as he slowly entered the room and closed the door behind him. "I'm glad."

"It's you again."

"Yes. You remember me?" Quatre asked, pulling a chair up beside the bed and sitting down before lightly placing his hands upon his own lap.

"Are you a doctor?"

Quatre smiled and shook his head politely towards Heero, "No, I am a Mage like you. My name is Quatre Raberba Winner."

"Winner? A relative to King Winner of Azhedeha of the South?"

"He was my great-grandfather. My father rules now and in time, so will I."

"What has happened to me?" Heero asked, confusion began reigning in his dark eyes, as they seemed to stare deep into Quatre's in search for answers. "The doctors who came to examine me will tell me nothing of what is going on." His face pleaded with the fair-haired man as the questions continued to pour from his lips. "Please what has happened to me? Why do I have burial wrapping that won't come off and seem like living snakes upon my arms?"

Quatre took a deep breath and snatched the side of his head trying to focus on not being overwhelmed by Heero's sudden burst of emotions. "I will do my best to explain what has past. I can not guarantee I will have all the answers you seek, but I will do my best to help you."

* * *

"How is he?" The Empress asked softly of Quatre as she peered into Heero's room. She had arrived shortly after Quatre entered but politely waited on the other side of the door. The moment the Wind Mage had left the room her heart and hopes raised slightly with the deep desire to hear good news.

"He's very disoriented." The Wind Mage said, leaning back against the doorframe and pulled the door close a bit more so Heero wouldn't see them. "I've done what I can to help him. Your physician's have checked him over and he's fine physically - I'm more concerned with his mental state. He has asked many questions for which I have done my best to answer."

"May I see him?" She seemed most eager to meet the legendary hero. To know that this man, was now alive and within the palace walls of the Sanq Kingdom once again had given her great peace of mind. Relena stood there looking at the door as her gentle blue eyes shone with even greater hope that her inner wish could be granted.

"I don't see why not. He's awake now." Quatre told her as he took the Empress by the hand and led her to Heero's bedside. Heero remained laying in bed as they entered, his face turned away from the door. Clearing his throat, the young wind mage spoke. "Heero, there is someone who wishes to see you." The resurrected man didn't move for he had not wished to see anyone. Quatre noticed this then gently nudged the Empress towards the seat that remained at the Earth Mages bedside.

"Heero." She found her voice shaking as she said his name while delicately placing her hand on the chair unsure if she should sit or not.

Relena had heard so much of Heero Yuy from her Great-Grandmother - the original Relena Peacecraft - but she never imagined that she would ever meet the man who saved the Sanc Kingdom. She remembered how much Great-grandmamma Relena loved the man. And even though she married another after his death, her heart had always belonged to Heero Yuy.

"Heero, my name is…" She started to say towards the man, he slowly turned his head toward the voice he seemed to remember. His eyes went wide as he gazed upon the Empress's face while she looked upon him. Heero's heart raced as his mind tried to comprehend the how and why of her presence before him. But it couldn't be her, not his…

"…Princess Relena…? Thank the heavens you're safe. I was afraid that the Demon Dolls might return. I... Please forgive me for leaving you." Heero looked at Relena and then quickly dropped his gaze in apology as if ashamed to just be graced by her presence.

Relena was caught off guard and stammered to say something in response to his words. Quatre realized that this was far more difficult for the reborn mage then he first thought. Quickly he stepped forward and helped the young Empress out seeing as how she could not find the words to speak and clear up this mistaken identity.

"Heero, this is the Empress Relena." Quatre stressed on the fact she was not the princess. "She is the great granddaughter of Princess Relena."

"She sounds and looks so much like her..." He said, turning his attention briefly to the blond-haired man. His heart fell at the wind mages words though his face had not changed expression to match his inner feelings. "Empress please forgive me for my error." His voice had started to become hoarse, as if trying to hold back an onslaught of hurt emotions. "I did not mean to offend you."

"No offence." She whispered back gentle in hopes of easing his troubles.

"She wishes to talk to you, so if you'll excuse me, I'll return later." Bowing slightly to both Relena and Heero, Quatre took his leave. He could sense that Heero had no intention of bringing the Empress any ill on comings. His empathy picked up on the Earth Mage's flutter of excitement in seeing Relena but also the sudden drop at realizing they where not the same person. Lightly closing the door behind him Quatre remained watch and from time to time peeked in to make sure all was all right.

"Hey, what's going on?" Duo asked curiously, as he walked towards Quatre. Trowa and Wufei came down the same hall a few paces behind the fire mage. They only made their presence known when they had spotted Quatre spying into the resurrected Mage's room. Quatre turned and brought his fingers to his lips to quiet the chatty Mage. "What, what?" Duo whispered excitedly as if he would explode with curiosity.

"The Empress is talking to Heero." He whispered back thankful that the young man had lowered his voice. "Hopefully his connection to her through her great grandmother will help him adjust to this new time a little easier."

* * *

It was well into the night and the moon was at its peak for the evening. Many of those in the palace had already retired to bed for the night. Though Heero could not find rest even within the darkness that swallowed the room as the fires dimmed. He was only alerted that another had entered the room merely because the doors hinges creaked slightly.

"Ah Heero, so you're finally awake." The older priest said as he entered the Blood Mage's bedchamber and looked upon the pale young man's face as he stared back.

"I remember you." He said softly, eyeing the older man carefully with a look of mistrust. "Quatre said you would be visiting me, but I didn't understand how."

"I would certainly hope so Heero."

"You were my teacher."

"Yes, I was."

"How is it that you are here? A spell prepares?"

"I never left, unlike you."

"Something is wrong." Heero said with slight alarm in his voice, struggling to sit up in bed as his eyes went wide for a brief moment. "My Magicks feel different. What did you do to me old man?" His tone was accusing and quite accurately so as he felt the living wrappings rustle against his forearms in anger. He remembered from haunting images of long ago just how tricky his old master had been. "The young Mage could not explain to me why it was different."

"Why would you think that?"

"I know you had your devilish hands in this magic most fowl. I know this now by knowing that you are still alive." Heero narrowed his eyes as his anger grew more at the elderly priest that stood before him. "What have you done to me!"

J laughed long and hard then reached up a hand to stroke at the beard on his chin. "Ever the suspicious one, aren't you?" Pulling up a chair, the older man sat down though he did not ask permission to do so from the earth mage. "What is it you remember?"

"Do not play games with me old man!" He shouted and it echoed in the empty bedchamber during the night. "The Demon Dolls were attacking. Treize was there. I fought him alone!"


"I defeated him alone with my God Protector, Wing." Then Heero face changed and softened in remembering the events that had unfolded from his past. "And my Princess was there…." His voice cracked remembering that his 'princess' was no longer in this world for him and he paused before continuing "…and she was the last thing I saw…" Heero fought back the ever growing anxiety he felt build inside his chest. "Why have you brought me back? Other than what you told those other men."

"You are needed again to fight an evil that descends across this land."

"No, I have given my life once to this Kingdom!" Heero yelled in a slight rage that he would be asked to do so again. Pointing an accusing finger at the other man the earth mage continued to yell. "You have taken me away for the one person my heart yearned to be with for all eternity! Damn you old man and curse you!"

And J laughed mockingly at the younger man before him and stood up slowly with the aid of his walking staff. "I am more cursed than you will ever now."

"No!" Heero screamed growing more angered that his old mentor would dare leave like he was about to. "I am the one who is cursed! Look at what your spell has done to me!" So saying, Heero reached over and slammed his clenched fist into a glass of water that sat unattended on the nightstand. His fist shattered the vessel of water, splintering it into hundreds of sharp, jagged edges that ripped into the flesh of the hand that broke it. Bringing his hand up, the younger man showed his bloodied hand to his old teacher.

As he held it up, the living bandages began to move even more. They snaked their way up the arm and slowly began to encase the injured hand. Heero never took his eyes off the old man's face as he watched the wrappings on the arm and hand with great interest. After a moment, the living dressings uncurled themselves and returned to Heero's forearm, the hand once cut now healed to perfection. The young man snarled darkly as if furious by this transpiring of events and ability.

"You have changed my Magicks from Earth to Blood, old man! You had no right!"

* * *