Melissa's Stuff

Hi and welcome to my stuff! Here I am proud to show you my little cel collection and a few other items that I have been collecting over the years.

Since the very beginning I've been a huge Mobile Suit Gundam fan! There's nothing like seeing two MS going at in battle. WOO HOO!!! Other anime interests, would be Monkey Punch's Arsene Lupin the 3rd series. Actually, there are far too many titles for me to write here. Just know, I like a lot of different stuff from Saitou Chiho (Utena), Shinohara Chie (Yami no Purple Eyes), to Doujinshi extraordinaires Degital Papa and Plum Garden.

As for the side project within Militant Studios, the doujnshi is still in progress. I have been posting the written chapters online for people to read. To learn more of this little project, click on the Militant Wing link and find out what's going on.

Cel Gallery
Captain Harlock (et al) updated
Card Captor Sakura updated
City Hunter updated
CLAMP (et al) updated
Five Star Stories
Heavy Metal
Mobile Suit Gundam
Miller's Report 08th Team updated
Mobile Fighter G Gundam updated
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing- characters updated
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing - Mechs updated
After War Gundam X updated
Sleeping Beauty
SD Gundam updated
Turn A Gundam updated
Violinest of Hamelin updated
Tarot Cards updated
Phone Cards updated