Militant Wing

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Gundam Fantasy Text Version

Chapter One - * Summary * On the very brink of troubled times, two young men meet one another within the forests near Tir'anna one of the major villages/towns of the Southern Kingdom. It is there that the fates of the two young men are sealed by a letter from the Empress of the Sanq Kingdom, requesting that both wind and water mage appear before her.

Chapter Two - * Summary * Just when things seem to be moving smoothly for the Wind Mage Quatre and Water Mage Trowa, the mysterious Water Mages past slowly comes to the open with frightening results. Will the two be able to handle the what lies ahead.

Chapter Three - * Summary * Having finally reached the Empress of the Sanq Kingdom more bad news seems to befall the now trio of mages as Chang Wufei the Lightning Mage grows the party. Just who is this rude Fire Mage that continues to evade and outrun the Empress's Messangers. Will the trio be able to find him?

Chapter Four - * Summary * The party is now a collective of four as the Mages soon realise how much danger is looming within the shadows. A village under attack needs the aid of the gathered mages. But will their help arrive too late? Or must they complete the task requested by the Empress?

Chapter Five - * Summary * A Mage from long ago was named the Kingdom's greatest protector. In his life lived to serve the Princess of the Sanq Kingdom in hopes to unite peace across all the lands. In the final battle he died leaving the Kingdoms for a peace that lasted nearly one hundred and fifty years. Do our new mages now have what it takes to revive the fallen Earth Mage?

Chapter Six - * Summary * Memories plague the mind of the reborn, a world he once knew now passed away with the sands of time. Displaced and feeling greatly alone in the world he died to protect a young man struggles to find his place in the new world. Meanwhile the darkness that looms just past the horizen continues to plan forward their advances on the Five Kingdoms.

Chapter Seven - * Summary * Still distant in his own way, the newly revived Blood Mage is taken out into the marketplace to see how things have changed yet not. A run in with a mysterious woman turns the peaceful trip outside the palace into a full out brawl. With assassins looming about near the Sanq Kindom the boys soon realize just how far their enemy will go, as a new guest arrives at the front gates.

Chapter Eight - * Summary * The boys now stand at the threshold of power, the time for them to gain a greater power and fufill their destinies is upon them. With the aid of their guide Thea and a unicorn named Spity Lick, the boys travel to the corners of each kingdom to obtain their goal. But will a frozen heart make this journey an impossible one?

Chapter Nine - * Summary *
With two mages having found their ascended partners, and only three remaining to search. The boys continued forward with their quest to find these 'protectors'. But will the wrath of one and the mystery of another prevent them from completing their task?

Chapter Ten - * Summary *
Like the rising of the dawn the Water Mage finds himself face to face with the people's greatest fear. Will he be able to hold back the advances of the demons powerful creations or will this be his last sunrise?

*disclaimer* Original concept story by Katy Kramp, continued story by Melissa Wilson and Jessica Fila, Gundam W et al belong solely to Bandai and their respective creators
- we don't own the characters but are having fun playing with them.